bradThe Ultimate Reader Experience:

Hello and welcome to my home on the web, It’s a pleasure having you here, and I thank you for visiting. Let me tell you a little bit about what we’re up to.

In 2013, I kicked off an exciting challenge:  The Ultimate Reader Experience.  I have invited readers old and new to start or re-start my Scot Harvath series together; reading one book per month in order.

And to make it even more interesting, I have personally revisited each book to bring you enhanced content that will enrich your reading experience, give you a behind-the-scenes look at each novel, and broaden your understanding of what makes Scot Harvath and the other characters tick, as well as why I do what I do.

During The Ultimate Reader Experience, you will get to know some of the experts who help with my novels, more about the real life facts I base my “Faction” on and, if we’re lucky, even a few insider interviews with the man I call the “real Scot Harvath.”

You will see events, places, gadgets, tactical and cultural references that relate to each book, which will help you visualize being a part of the action.

I will feature a host of fun bonus information, giveaways, and lots of new questions for the Book Club Guide – all for your reading and discussion pleasure. Every step of the way, including the launch of my newest thriller, HIDDEN ORDER, I’ll be right there with you, sharing my own personal insights.

You won’t want to miss a month, or even a moment of what we have planned – including our newsletter, which will bring you exciting exclusive content each month.

Enjoy The Ultimate Reader Experience.

Sincerely yours,

Brad Thor

Here are the books in order:

January’s Book: The Lions Of Lucerne
February’s Book: Path Of The Assassin
March’s Book: State Of The Union
April’s Book: Blowback
May’s Book: Takedown
June’s Book: The First Commandment
September’s Book: The Last Patriot
October’s Book: The Apostle
November’s Book: Foreign Influence
December’s Book: The Athena Project
January’s Book: Full Black
February’s Book: Black List